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Opportunities with CSPS

Thank you for your interest in joining CSPS and making a difference in people's lives. There are no positions available at this time, but please check back again.

Please note, CSC does not offer internships. For intern or volunteer positions, contact your local Crisis/Distress Centre.

Current Positions

Volunteering with CSPS

Volunteering at the Crisis Centre is a great way to support people in need in your community. You could even save a life. Volunteer training offers communication and life skills development, as well as being a tremendous personal growth opportunity. To find a Crisis Centre near you, see our resource page.

Why volunteer?

Whatever your interests or experience, your local crisis centre will train, mentor and support you to becoming a skilled crisis responder. Some reasons people volunteer:

  • An opportunity to provide support to people in need in my community
  • The chance to be the difference for someone thinking of suicide
  • A chance to learn valuable communication and life skills
  • A personal growth opportunity
  • To gain experience towards a career in counseling and mental health
  • To join a caring and compassionate community

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No act of kindness is ever wasted.

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